New Overlay Members: openstack and holland

I've recently made a push to clean the packages provided by my overlay. I've purged older packages and re-visited repoman's guidance on package design as well as updated all python builds to properly utilize the distutils eclass.

Some of the more notable changes to the overlay include the following:

  • Live Holland Ebuilds
    • Added live ebuilds for all Holland Backup Framework ebuilds
    • There are currently known collisions between the base holland ebuild and the holland-lib-common ebuild
  • Live Openstack Ebuilds
    • Added a live ebuild for the Openstack Nova Project
    • Work needs to be done to setup proper configuration items
    • A configure function needs to be added to the ebuild to setup the base items outlined in various Openstack guides
    • An init script should be crafted that allows control over the system


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