Automating Android Sound Profiles

Recently, I've found the wonderful android application, Profile Valet. This little application handles location and time based profiles for various settings on your Android device. It can control things like sound, wifi, and bluetooth based on time schedules or locations (GPS backed). Using a utility like this can help prevent the common, "I forgot to unsilence my phone," situation; resulting in missed calls, texts, or emails. It can also be used to control silencing your phone for certain events. Simply setup a profile for various movie theaters to silence your phone automatically when you enter that area.

By automating the little things in life we can open up our minds with less stress and turn our attention to more fun or important matters. I know this concept has been introduced by the **Getting Things Done** paradigm but it can be expanded in the digital age of smartphones even further than simply organizing one's life. It can be expanded to allow our devices to be the tool they were designed to be.


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